East Shorefront

As the name suggests, this district sits directly on the shore of Lake Rend. A vibrant diverse district, this was the most touristy part of the entire city. Tourist traps and stores filled the streets and shore front as the amount of neon and LCD light in this district was greater than the rest of the city combined. Several large hotels run along the shoreline and where able to cater to any and all guest needs and desires. The party was said to never die here, as the constant hum of people engaging in all of the seven deadly sins could be heard for blocks. It has now become over run with the strange, as the Fallen have claimed this land for themselves.

Points of Interest-

Lake Rend- A large lake that is situated next to the city , and offered its citizens and visitors alike a chance to enjoy various water sports and a visit to the many beaches available. It is now home to many different Fallen that inhabit its waters. 3 ELECTRICITY

Lakefront Mall- A large mall that is situated almost on top of the shore to the lake. It is by far the largest and most developed mall in the city. If you want something, the Lakefront mall has it. Though getting it has become much harder due to the anti-human Fallen that live in the area. 3 MONEY

The Hell Hole Bar and Grill- A well kept secret by the loyal patrons of this fine establishment, this is a venue that is known to give its special clients their every wish. Entrance is granted by reservation only, and reservations are very hard to come by. 3 FOOD

Back Ally Bar- A small and very poorly run bar that is situated among the shadows of the many large hotels. This use to be the bar that all the hotel employees came to after hours, but they have moved on to other watering holes in the area. Its a wonder how the bar continues to stay open with its minimal business and bad location, this bar is only accessible from the narrow and often dark ally ways that run behind the hotels. Its said to have a few secrets of its own. 3 TECHNOLOGY

Paradise Hotel and Resort- The highest rated hotel on the shorefront, it has become the main location for the Fallen to operate from. Its many rooms housing the creatures. The top floors are said to hold amazing secrets that the Fallen brought with them. 5 KNOWLEDGE / 3 MANPOWER