Link: DEX
Range: Self
Type: Dice
Base Cost:5
Factor Cost:6

Weaponry has 5 subskills: Firearms, Exotic Weapons, Melee Weapons, Missle Weapons, and Heavy Weapons. Each function in an identical manner except for the type of weapon wieldable through the Skill. When doing an attack with a weapon the AP's of Weaponry can be subsituted for DEX, for the attack.

Unskilled Characters may not use the Exotic Weapons subskill.

Exotic Weapons-are specially-designed and commercially unavailable weapons, most notably weapons designed expressly for a particular hero or villian.

Firearms- includes all weapons that chemically powered and/or beam weapons. Most guns are included in this subskill.

Heavy Weapons- include all violently explosive projectile weapons. Grenades launchers, tank guns, artillery, rockets and the like.

Missile Weapons- include all manually-proplled objects. From rocks, grenades, crossbow, and long bow.

Melee Weapons- includes all hand held weapons that are used in hand-to-hand combat.