Conquer the People!

As a villain, you are expected to bring the city and its citizens down. Not all villains though wish to cause harm to the people of the city, just to those pesky heros! How you go about you devious ways is completely up to you.

Here are some basic ideas as to why your character has become a villain:

  • Mercenary- You commit crimes for the highest bidder, be that an actual person or the bank that is just "holding" all your money for you. You willingly commit crimes, only if the price is right. You are willing to kill, but that increases your price to commit the crime. You are regularly negotiating fees, since crime is your business, not a religious calling. Example: Deathstroke the Terminator
  • Nihilist- You want to see the world burn around you, as you bring everything down in a blaze of glory. Chaos is your best friend and you will do anything to kill and destroy, even if that means committing suicide. You are hard to reason with, as you would rather kill than talk. Example: Doomsday
  • Power Lust- You just want to be in charge, be it of the city or the universe, you just feel you are the best to rule it all. You are quite reasonable, only if things are going you way. You do consider killing a perfectly viable means to an end, but don't make it a habit of yours. Example: Lex Luthor
  • Psychopathic- You are ruled by your uncontrollable emotions. It could be hatred, jealousy, fear, and arrogance, which makes you feel justified in committing crime. You may be completely insane or simply be governed by a twisted morality. You have no regard for killing, as your feelings and reasoning are often warped. Example: Joker
  • Thrill Seeker- You commit your crime just for the fun of it, though you are not one to seek out confrontation. If things start to look bad, you turn tail and run. You have been known to kill before, but only when things where very desperate. Example: Catwoman

NOTE: You can change from Villain to Hero at anytime based on your actions in game