Vad Lander


A sudden rush of it hit Vad like a scourge missile. The intense headache lasted for only a few moments before it started to fade. Never could get used to the feeling of waking up in a new body he thought to himself. Only moments before had he watched as the swarm of drones pounded his ship into oblivion.

Federation jerks.

Vad slowly moved himself up out of the cloning vat, and moved to the familiar closet to put some clothes on. As he finished he moved to the door, hitting some buttons on a panel and walked out. "What a waste of ISK" he told himself. He not only died, but lost his ship and all the equipment with it. As he walked around the Space Lane Patrol station he saw familiar faces. He has been running out of this station for awhile now, gained some reputation with the corporation that ran it. They had even started giving him some or the more 'sensitive' missions. Vad didn't really care what the missions entailed, as long as he got the ISK that was part of the deal.

Vad walked into his captains quarters heading straight to the many screens to see what the universe was up to today. He had the usual mail from different people, claiming to give him some kind of edge or a good deal. Then the mail he had been waiting for, the one from the insurance corporation. Vad always tried to keep his ships cover with a full policy, and his former Drake was no exception. They always threw in that Ibius as well, wonder where they make all those things Vad wondered. He finished up a few market transactions he had going then moved to look out at the ship he would be flying in soon. The shiny Drake sat floating in dock. Vad always had a few of the ships on hand, never hurt to have spares. Soon he would have it fitted out and be off on another mission, hopefully staying alive this time around.

Vad was in shock. "What do you mean that my clone malfunctioned?" he asked out loud in the medical wing of the Space Lace Patrol station near Paara I. "Seems that it didnt accept the upload or you into it, so it died. We got you into a new one as soon as we could", the man that was standing in front of Vad explained the best he could. "So i just didnt exist for a few months?" Vad questioned, his voice flush with anger. "Technical… no" was the short answer he got. Vad's held a hand over his face, still trying to process the large lapse in time from when his last body ceased to exist to the current time frame. "Ive got work to do so if you'll excuse me" the man moved past Vad going to continue on his task that he needed to finish. Great, Vad thought to himself, my corp has disbanded and who knows where the old members are now. He decided that it was in his best intrest to see where he stood, if he still had his money or if he was flat broke, and to start looking for his former corp mates. "This is just great" Vad mumbled to himself. He was in a bad mood that was about to change, as he rounded the corner Vad decided to look up, just in time to see the gun wielding man point the weapon his way. "Vad Lander?" The man questioned as everyone around seemed to stop, looking at the weapon that was supposed to be impossible to get onto stations. "Maybe…" Vad said nervously. Who was this? Vad's mind began to race trying to dig back though the memories of body's past to see if he knew him. "I bring a present from the Guristas" the man said as a smile formed on his face. Great Vad thought as he tried to quickly form a plan to get away from the pirate. "Time to die for good" the man said as he prepared to use the weapon in his hand. Now or never. Vad dove into the nearest door, which happened to lead the one of the local watering holes. Plasma fire raced by outside as Vad scrambled to get to his feet. Heavy foot steps could be heard heading toward the door, with the attacker reaching the it just as Vad is able to get up and running again. More plasma raced across the room, leaving dark scorch marks where it hit. People where now running and screaming, trying not to get hit as they also seeked safety from the gun toting man. Alarms sounded as the station guard where now alerted to what was happening. Vad ran, hoping that he wouldn't be hit, he vaulted over a table and thought a back door that hissed open as he ran though it. Plasma fire wouldn't be far behind as Vad looked around for an exit, he had unknowingly ran into the supply closet. Nice move, now I have to stare down a plasma pistol. Vad turned toward the door, expecting the worse. Although a Capsuleer is technical immortal, if a person can get to where they have their clone at, and kill them all off before that clone can be uploaded with the personality of the Capsuleer, you can effectively kill the Capsuleer for good. Although this was extremely difficult in practice, it has been done from time to time. In Vad's case, with his attack practically sitting on his other clones, it would not end well for him. The sound from outside the door grew quite, this is it, Vad thought, not quite ready to give in to death just yet. The door hissed open. Vad looked down a gun, it pointed at his face, though it didn't fire. The man on the other end of the gun was a Space Lane Patrol commando. "Wow" Vad said as a wave of relief flooded over him, the commando lowered his gun, "Mr. Lander, its safe now" he told Vad. "Thanks" he said giving the commando a pat on the back as he moved past him. Having the right connections made all the difference in New Eden. Although the Guristas Pirates hated him, probably for destroying and killing off thousands of them, his reputation with Space Lane Patrol was excellent. A trade off , most of the missions that Vad took from the S.L.P. often had him at ends with the Guristas. Vad decided it was as good a time as any to head up and talk to the commander stationed here, hopefully it was still the same person.