Trade District

In this ever changing and fluctuating world, there is one piece of Starlight City that are so ahead of the game, they make the rules. The Trade District. This is where the future becomes reality. Skyscrapers dominate the landscape. Small coffee shops, diners and markets surround these behemoth buildings, providing sustenance and quick energy to stock brokers, various technology developers and tons of other cyber enhanced individuals. Since Paragon has moved in, many breakthroughs in finance, technological advancement and corporate workings of every sort have come from this area of Starlight City.

Points of Interest in the Trade District:

Galan Market- This was the major stock trading building in the city. Stock brokers used to call this building their home away form home, it now serves as a major recruitment point for Paragon.3 MANPOWER

Yim Towers- Once high end office space, now serving as living quarters to Paragon's followers. This building has the highest number of splicers in the city. 3 FOOD

Brand Complex- This was once a walled in campus for the larger corporate head quarters in the city. They prided themselves on the security they had, employed meta-humans as well as the average joe. Paragon now calls this building home, having done an upgrade to the security system. 3 ELECTRICITY & 5 TECHNOLOGY

Regenetix Labs- A state of the art genetics facility. Not much is known about the internal workings of the lab, but some fear the worst. Several unexplained disappearances have been quickly dismissed as run-aways, fleeing spouses, and the passing vagrant. Many reports have been filed and yet have been inexplicably dismissed. This makes what goes on behind the doors of Regenetix a mystery.3 KNOWLEDGE

Westen Market-This is the largest shopping center in the city, save for the Lakefront Mall. This is the place to find the latest technology that is on the market.3 MONEY