Toughness is your character's ability to resist incoming physical attacks, such as punches and bullets.

Level Benchmark
1-2 A normal human who in susceptible to normal pain stimulus.
3-4 Body conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. The individual can weather a few blunt attacks, such as a police officer or security guard.
5-6 The body is conditioned to withstand the great amount of physical damage. Such as a prize fighter.
7-8 The body can endure attacks from street-level weaponry, such as knives, chains, bats, and small caliber guns.
9-10 The body is moderately resilient to many weapons, such as low power rifles, swords, and small explosives.
11-12 The body can withstand moderately withstand most civilian small arms fire.
13-15 The body can withstand extreme pain, and even injuries that would cripple a person you can withstand.
16-18 The body can withstand explosions, such as grenades and small IEDs.
19-21 At this level, the body can take indirect hits from larger explosives.
22-24 At this level, the body can take direct hits from larger explosives.
25-27 The body is can not take the equivalent to steel plating.
28-30 The body can resist a direct hit from tank cannon fire.