Range:Self Type:Dice
Base Cost:10 Factor Cost:8

The Thief skill possesses sic specific subskills; which are escape artist, forgery, Locks and safes, pickpocketing, security systems, and stealth.

Escape Artist enables a character to escape from close restraints: ropes, chains, handcuffs, ect. The AV/EV of such attempts equals the character's APs of the skill, The OV/RV for typical restraints can be found on the table below. Positive RAPs indicate a successful escape.

Restraint Type OV/RV
Quick Binding 2/2
Tightly Bound 4/4
Handcuffs 6/6
Chained to Wall 8/8
Locked in Jain Cell 10/10
Locked in Safe 15/15

Forgery enables a character to create excellent copies of signatures or works of art. The AV/EV of forgery equals the forger's APs of Thief. The OV/RV for signature duplication is 4/4; The OV/RV for copying a work of art equals the original creator's AP of Artist; and the OV/RV for monetary counterfeiting is 8/8.
The RAPs from a successful forgery check act as the OV/RV against Detective (counterfeit Recognition) and / or Perception checks made to expose the forgery.

Lock and Safes enables a character to open locks, and with an AV/EV equal to the character's APs of Thief and an OV/RV equal to the gadgetry APs of the locksmith who designed the lock or safe.
Simple locks, such as those found in normal houses have OV/RV 2/2. Complicated locks (time locks, for example) may possess OV/RV of 10/10 or higher, providing for the locksmith's gadgetry AP level.
A simple safe has OV/RV of 4/4 while extremely complicated and secure safes would have OV/RV of 15/15 of higher, providing for the creator's gadgetry AP level.
Positive RAPs on a locks and safe atempt indicate success. It takes at least one phase (4 seconds/ 0 APs) to open a lock and at least one minute (4 APs/ 4 phases) to open a safe.

Pickpocketing enables a character to take valuables from another character without that person's knowledge. The AV/EV is equal to the APs of Thief, the OV/RV is equal to the target's DEX/INT and could be increased by as much as +3 column shifts if the valuable sought is in an inaccessible location, such as the inside jacket pocket of a man wearing an overcoat (ST discretion).

Security Systems allows a character to override electronic security alarms. The AV/EV equal the character's APs of Thief against an OV/RV equal to the creator's gadgetry or theif (security systems) skill, whichever is higher. Positive RAPs indicate success in overriding the system.
A standard security system has OV/RV of 5/5 while complex systems have OV/RV of 15/15 or higher, providing for the creator's gadgetry AP level. It takes at least one minute (4 APs/4 phases) to override a device though security systems.

Stealth is a character's ability to move silently and without being seen by another character. The APs of thief are used as the OV/RV against perception checks mad e to discover the stealthful character.
Positive RAPs indicate success in location the stealthful character. Use of stelth is most common at night or under other visually-obscuring conditions. Following are cumulative OV/RV column modifiers to detection of stealth attempts pertaining to environmental conditions.

Circumstance OV/RV Modifier
extreme Darkness +3
Lots of Cover +2
Moon lit Night +1
Shadowy area +0
Intruder Alert Activated -1
Day/Bright Area -2
No Cover Exists -3