South Hills

If Starlight City had a Hollywood, the South Hills would have be it. The jewel of the city, this district still has the highest income per household in all of the city. Completely gated and under surveillance 24/7, "The Hill" (as it is referred as) is the most exclusive living area in the city. Normal life continued on here, as the SCPD moved in after the Paragon Incident.

Points of Interest in South Hills:

Greene Manors- This once posh suburb used to lay claim to the largest pocketbooks and egos in Starlight. Multimillion dollar mansions have been re-tooled as mulit-family homes as people flocked to this safe area after the Paragon Indecent. Only those who can afford the expensive rent live behind its gates. 3 MANPOWER

Orchid Meadows-Once a step down from the upper crust, this area has now become the site of the upper echelon of society in the city. While the houses are not quite as gargantuan, they are still formidably large. Gated for the protection of its inhabitants, the "Meadow" is almost as hard to enter as it is to live in. 3 KNOWLEDGE

The Emporium of South Hills- Even with the city in turmoil, people still look to a place where they can guy luxury goods. The Emporium facilitates this need with a 7 story mall, fully equipped with beauty salon, massage therapy center, 3 food courts, and more shops than you could visit in a week. 3 MONEY

Obsidian Tower- For those individuals who are too business minded to worry about mansions and all the details thereof, Obsidian Tower is the only place to live. Designed and programmed by Rusk Enterprises, Obsidian Tower is home to the most advanced personal in home software and hardware available. 3 TECHNOLOGY

Willaims Hall- This was once a arts center in the area, but has since become the new city hall. The SCPD call this building home. It sits near the waterfront, and has become the import / export location for the southern hills. 3 ELECTRICITY & 5 FOOD