The game takes place in Starlight City, a fictional modern city. The city is a large urban area, and has been the center of attention for the recent destruction of its downtown area. Many super powered men and women have flocked to the city to either get in on the chaos, or to try and stop it.

On a global scale, the United States has fallen from being the greatest super power in the world. The number one spot has now been claimed by Russia as the dominate country on the political battlefield. The U.S. sits alongside other countries such as China and Great Britain in the rankings among the world's leaders.

The Watch, a group of super-powered beings that represent a global front on injustice, currently have the city in a lock down. Normal humans are allowed to enter and leave, with any Meta human locked inside. They do permit any outside meta to enter, but they can not leave once they are inside. This blockade has created a shortage of normal goods inside the city, and a struggle for resources has started. The hope is that eventually the fire that has sprung up in the city, with is numerous meta human inhabitants, will burn itself out.

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City Map
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