Police Report #65123

Disturbance reported on East Wellington St. at approx. 0230 hours.

First Responder
-Officer Gregory Johns-

Identification -None-
Identifying Marks
-No fingerprints-
-No visible scars-
-Barcode tattoo on left shoulder-

- Height -Approx. 6’2”-
- Weight -Approx. 160-185 lbs.-
- Hair -Black-
- Eyes -Blue/Black-

Suspect was unresponsive to commands. Attempts to subdue suspect were unsuccessful. Officers Hoyt and Jacobs went into convulsions (for reasons unknown) after attempting to restrain the suspect. Suspect was apparently armed with a weapon and used it to destroy 2 squad cars and a local deli. Suspect fled the scene. Attempts to pursue suspect were unsuccessful.