House Rules

as of right now all Standard Mutant and Mastermind rules apply.

Below are house rules that have been implemented.

(none, as of right now. Some may be added if it is felt it is needed)

Game Rules

A quick explanation of different actions and how they affect the city, and game.

The game is centered around the fact that everyone needs resources. There are six of these that players can collect. They each affect the game in different ways, and allow players to do different actions with them. The game will be won once a single faction has proven victorious in controlling the city.

The six different types of resources


You can combine the different resources to form special benefits. These can be anything but must get approval from the GM before the Role play session starts.


Each area can stock up to 100 of each resource. This is the reserve that you will draw from when using resources.


You can invade an area to try and steal some of the resources there. This is done via a session, and the amount stolen will depend on the events of the session.


When you declare you are attacking an area, you must also declare what resources your are spending in the attack. The attacking force will then gain the benefits of the spent resources, and Role play out the actions that happen to discover if they are successful. The defending area will get to use all the resources stocked there. All resources spent attacking are lost in the attack, but if the attacker is successful, then they will receive half of the resources that where stocked there, and control of the area. If the attacker fails, then they do not gain the area, and still lose all of the spent resources.

Map Updates

At the end of each week, areas that have been taken over will update to show new ownership. Also resource amounts will be adjusted to show the results of all the session.

Special Events

There will be special events that take place from time to time. These will be announced and we will try and let as many players participate in some way as possible. The reward for doing this special events will be a boost in strength (via gaining points to spend to upgrade character) and a large amount of resources.

Personal Story Lines

Each character is different, and each will have their own ambitions. For completing Personal Story lines, a player will receive a boost in strength (via gaining points to spend to upgrade character) as well as resources for their faction.

End Game

The game will end when one faction controls all areas of the city.