In recent years, the populace of the county has grown a bit tired of all the new meta-humans emerging. Due to this, the president has signed a bill requiring all meta-humans to register, in-order to keep a list of how many there are and see where they are operating from.

Many villains disagree with this and oppose it outright. Surprisingly though, there are a number of heroes that also oppose it, citing that it would end up hurting or even ending their lives. Two sides to the issue soon formed.

If you favor the Meta-Human Registration Resistance, then you believe that nothing should be given to the government and that you should be able to fight (or commit) crime on your own. Nothing should monitor the acts of meta-humans. There are a few advantages and draw backs with this.

  • Draw Backs- The populace as a whole looks upon you with disfavor. They feel you should be accountable for your actions, whatever they may be. You are expected to fix any damage you inflict out of your own pocket, even if the damage was caused in the prevention or stopping of a crime. You have to rely on your own sources and info gathering to solve crimes and will receive no help from any government agency.
  • Advantages- You can operate outside the realm of laws, and you do not have to explain your actions to anyone. You can gain the support of a group of citizens if you help them enough (works for hero or villain) more rapidly. Non-government groups are more likely to help you in your endeavors.

You do not have to be a villain to support the Resistance. Many heroes support it because it advances their own personal goals, and it can be easier to help people when you do not have to explain all your actions or methods.

This is the more difficult choice, but it offers the most wide role-playing range of the two paths.

NOTE: You can change your support, from the Resistance to the M.H.R. at anytime based on your actions in game.