Remiel (The Fallen)

In the cold dark of the beginning, before time began, there was the Eternal. All was perfect in those silent days of obedience to the will of the Creator. The Creator, whose might and magnificence are unparalleled, entrusted only a select few of his host to stand in His presence as servants:

Michael: whose name means “the one who is like God”, the Creator’s chosen warrior, leader of His army and of the Holy Host.
Lucifer also called Morning Star: the most beautiful of all of God’s creations, favored by the Creator and set as 2nd in Command to Michael.
Gabriel: whose name means “the strength of God”, messenger to the Divine and a lieutenant in Michael’s army.
Raphael: whose name means, “it is God who heals”, a lieutenant in Michael’s army.

Certain archangels were entrusted with the care of the Creator’s most prized creation: Man.
These angels, the Grigori or “Those Who Watch” and “Those Who Never Sleep”, were sent to the Earth to aid mankind in times of great need and to teach them the love and ways of the Creator. Among these most trusted were:

Araqiel: who taught the signs of the earth.
Armaros: who taught the resolving of enchantments.


Azazel: who taught the making of weapons of war.
Barqel: who taught astrology.
Gadreel: who gave the inspiration for art.
Kokabel: who taught the mystery of the Stars.
Penemuel: who taught languages and writing.
Remiel: who taught the knowledge of the Moon.
Samshiel: who taught the signs of the Sun.

The Watchers performed their tasks well and taught mankind only as much as the Creator desired them to know.

All was good for a time.

Then the Creator made a decree throughout the Firmament; that all must bow before man as His greatest creation. Michael’s was the first knee to bow. Lucifer did not move. Enraged by this act of rebellion and unwilling to hear Lucifer’s reasons, the Creator commanded Michael to cast down his younger brother to the Hadean realm, never to return to the Holy Presence.

War ensued.

All of Heaven and Earth was torn apart in the resulting clash of Michael’s Host and those who sided with Lucifer. The Watchers were torn apart as well. Samshiel, under the influence of Azazel, began to instruct the Watchers to teach mankind all things, even those hidden truths kept only for the Throne. He ordered the Grigori to follow Lucifer into battle. Of the few that refused, only one survived.

Remiel, whose name means “Thunder of God”, stood his ground and fought with his older brother and struck him down. As Samshiel lay dying, the influence of Azazel left him and Remiel knew the truth of the rebellion of the Watchers. How long Azazel had been in league with Lucifer, he did not know, he only knew he would track the one who made him murder his brother.

Seeking out Azazel, Remiel confronted the traitor only to be ambushed by Michael and his angels. Playing the part of betrayer, Azazel recounted Remiel’s “march against the Holy Presence and alliance with Lucifer”. Then, to add more pain, he convinced Michael that Remiel had murdered Samshiel in cold blood.

Taken before the Creator, Remiel was only able to watch as he was shown the murder of his brother again and again.
Deemed guilty by all gathered, Remiel’s punishment was not death, but to walk the Earth he and his brothers loved so dearly, alone, with only his rage and guilt never to return to the Presence again.
Remiel has wandered the Earth since that time and regained some of his angelic abilities. He constantly searches for Azazel, for retribution, with only his guilt and loss to accompany him.

In his corporeal form, the angel stands at 6’9” and weighs about 3 times that of a normal human his height, though in appearance he is in the absolute peak of physical ability and athleticism. Many to see him are intimidated by his presence.

His common dress since the 1950's has been a black t-shirt under a black cafe racer motorcycle jacket with dark washed blue jeans and black motorcycle boots. Pairing this with his shoulder length raven black hair, it is easy to see why many are distrustful of him.

Were you to see his torso, arms, neck and hands, they would reveal Enochian symbols tattooed in various arrangements and upon his back the same symbols form the outline of what look to be wings. Two large, jagged scars are on either side of his shoulder blades.

After searching across America, Remiel finds himself in a place where the eternal struggle seems to never die; Starlight City. He has found his betrayer, and put him to rest. He now sits as the leader of The Fallen, guiding them to find a place of their own.