North Side Housing Projects

Despite its name, the North Side Housing Projects is more than just a series of large housing projects and lower income housing. It now plays host to many large towers that have sprung up recently. These towers belonging to the Followers of Magnus, in their attempt to protect one of the most populated areas from Fallen threat.

Since the followers has moved in, crime in the area has stopped nearly all together, a first for the area. People who choose to stay have seen an increase to their way of life as the followers are able to look after them. Some believe that the followers are mind controlling the population into helping their cause but most dismiss this as rumor,as people in the area now actually welcome this ever watchful group into their homes.

There are several key points of interest found within this district:

North Star Recreation Center- Located in the center of the projects, this large play ground was constructed to give the children of the North Side a place to run, laugh and play. Today, it has been converted into a mystical generator, producing power by unconventional means. 3 ELECTRICITY

C.J. Electronic Warehouse- One of the largest suppliers of electronics in the area, it has become the staple for anyone who wants the biggest and best in home entertainment. 3 TECHNOLOGY

Hope Farms- A farm that was built in order to provide the children of the area to come and see their food growing, and take part in the community effort that was the farm. 3 FOOD

The Spire- The largest of the many towers that now dot the area. This is where the main concentration of power for the followers is located, with a large portal inside to bring in supplies and men from an unknown location. 5 MANPOWER / 3 KNOWLEDGE

Opus's Den- Even Followers need a place to unwind, and this is where they frequent. It looks much like a bar, but has things that normal science cant explain. 3 MONEY