North Industrial Area

The majority of Starlight City's Industrial businesses have been relocated to the North Industrial Area. With the 'Green Belt' dividing the district from the rest of the city, the N.I.A can seem a bit cut off from the city, which is how its current owners would have it. Starlight City Planning and Zoning Commission allowed all kinds of warehouses, factories and other industrial support systems to do their business without clogging the city full of smog. It was learned recently that the Green Belt has artificial environmental 02 scrubbers to supplement the Belt's trees, plants, wildlife and those citizens living close by. The entire area has been put into a state of martial law by Pandora, who now call this area home.

Points of Interest-

Green Belt- A large vast 'city park' that stretches almost completely around the North Industrial Area. Some areas are trimmed and kept well maintained while others are left to nature's care. This area has become a large camp ground for Pandora, and their main recruitment point. 3 MANPOWER

Hyatt Warehouse District- These buildings are utilized for storage mostly. They are so extensive, it WAS be nearly impossible to catalog all of the items coming in and out of this district and their owners. Pandora has now seized it all for use in their operations. 3 TECHNOLOGY

C.R.Y.N Industrial Facility- Formally a Regenetix's supply house. Heavily armed guards patrol 24/7 and entrance is extremely limited. The buildings themselves are three massive rectangular buildings all connected by fourth building which is a perfect circle. This has become the main operation center for Pandora. 5 ELECTRICITY / 3 KNOWLEDGE

Roughneck Bar and Grill- Living up to its name, this bar is not one you step into lightly. Industrial workers from the entire N.I.A used to favor this watering hole. It has now become the major relaxation spot for Pandora operatives after a hard days work. 3 FOOD

Starlight Water and Sanitation- Providing clean water for the city and processing waste is the responsibility of this facility. A simple gray brick building with several workers, it runs 24/7. Pandora now owns and charges for it's services. 3 MONEY