Mr Magical

Quand was a magical entity from another dimension. He was part of a race of energy-like beings called Lamphorians. His people were part of an ages old conflict with a war-mongering race called Velurians. As a leader in his people’s military, he led a botched campaign against the Velurians which led to the destruction of an entire planet of neutral peoples. He returned to his home world, disgraced and grief stricken. The Lamphorian High Command stripped Quand of his rank and title, and then banished him from their dimension. Quand eventually landed on Earth. Weakened from the dimensional ride, he desperately “attached” himself to the closest person to him. The man’s name was Jerome. He was homeless, with no family and few friends to speak of. When Quand attached to Jerome, a miraculous event occurred. The two beings were so in tune with each other that, instead of Quand just hitching a ride like he planned, the two merged into one being. A completely new person emerged. He called himself Jerome Laquando.