Military Science

Military Science possesses six basic subskills; Camouflage, Cartography, Danger Recognition, Demolition, Field Command, and Tracking. Camouflage, Cartography, and Tracking are the only subskills of Military Science which may be attempted though unskilled use.

Camouflage- enables a Character to alter the apperance of objects and equipment in a effort to conceal them from view. Perception Checks made in and attempt to spot Camouflaged items have OVs increased by Camouflaging Character's APs of Skill.

Cartography- enables a character to draw and interpret complex maps and charts. This is classed as an Automatic Action provided the map's legend is a language known by the Character. If not, then a dice roll is required, with OV/RVs of 4/4 if the language is recognizable, OV/RVs of 10/10 if the language alien.

Danger Recognition- enables a Character to avoid an ambush by identifying and recognizing suble perculiarites in the battlefield enviroment. The APs of Danger Recognition act as a Character's AV/EV when rolling to avoid the effects of Surprise. In Addtion, Danger Recognition fuctions exactly like Danger Sense Power whenever the Character is operating on a military battlefield.

Demolition- enables a Character to work safely with explosives and achieve desired effects from a charge. In a Demolition attempt, the AV equals the user's APs of Skill and the EV equals the explosive's AP of Bomb Power. A Character using the Demolition Subskill must work with the explosive charge at least 4 minutes (6 APs) in order to achive the desired result. Any less time spent subtracts the number of APs from the AV of time not spent.

Field Command- enables a Character to lead troops in battle. The Field Command Subskill dictates the number of Hero Points a commander can spend to affect a unit's dice rolls.

Tracking- give a Character the abilites to follow the trail of another Character. The AV/EV of Tracking is equal to APs of Skill. The OV/RV is equall to the quarry's DEX/DEX.