Weapons and gadgets, both fantastic and mundane, have long been a staple of Heroes and Villains alike. What would Batman be without the Batmobile? What could Green Lantern do without his Power Ring? These pages will explain how to incorporate gadgets, weapons, and vehicles into the game world.

Like characters, gadgets can have attributes, powers, and skills. A car for example, has running power because it can move fast, and a STR because it can carry weight. All Items have a BODY, which defines how much physical damage they can take before they cease to function or are destroyed.
A character can use all the powers and skills an item provides as though the character themselves has them, while the stats of the item only apply to the item. All items that you create must have a BODY, though the other stats don't necessarily have to be present.

Building Your Item

Characters who are starting their adventure can create items while Characters with the Gadgetry Skill can create new gadgets and items in their laboratories during play. You must have the gadgetry skill in order to create new things once you have started playing!

Here are the steps to creating an item:

  1. Design the gadget, include stats, skills, and powers this gadget will have.
  2. Allow a GM to approve the Gadget
  3. Calculate and pay the gadget's Hero Point Cost
  4. Building item in game

Repairing Gadgets
Anything that is damaged must be repaired. This is a dice action with the AV/EV of the attempt are both equal to the Gadgetry skill of the character conducting the repairs, while the OV/RV are both equal to the starting AP value of the ability under repair.

Below are some base items for you start creating your item(s) with. These are just examples of what can be created.