Intelligence (INT) represents a character's ability to think rapidly and his/her knowledge of facts

Level Benchmarks
1-2 This individual has the problem-solving abilities of the average high school graduate.
3-4 This individual is the equivalent of a high school graduate in the top 10th percentile.
5-6 The individual has the ability to process information on the level of a college student.
7-8 The individual's intellectual capacity rivals professionals who are one of the top in a field of study. (IQ at least 140).
9-10 The intellect equals a professional who is one of the world authorities on the subject.
11-12 The individual is a genius or has intellect on par with a individual who is the best authority in the world on the subject (IQ 190+).
13-15 The individual's intelligence is beyond what is normally experienced by humans, with the ability to conceive concepts centuries beyond current conventions (IQ 210+).
16-18 The person has an intellect giving the individual the ability to adopt concepts completely foreign to his society or environment.
19-21 This individual has the intellectual ability to master every worldly subject with moderate difficulty.
22-24 This individual possesses intellect with the ability to comprehend and utilize knowledge spanning the solar system.
25- 27 At this level, the individual can understand and process knowledge on a galactic scale.
28-30 The individual can understand and conceive knowledge that is universal in magnitude.