Historic Downtown

Starlight City's Historic Downtown was once all of the city itself. Since the arrival of the metahumans, the city has exploded over the years in size and population. Now the history of the city is a mix and match of pre-1920's era buildings, stylized hotels, trendy clubs and dive bars. To walk down some blocks, you'd think you were back in the roaring 20's only to turn the corner and be 10 years in the future. This district has not changed much since the Paragon Indecent. It run mostly by the Renegades, though they have new management at the top.

Some key points of interest in Historic Downtown:

Old City Hall- To the world's eye, this was the heart of the city. Once home to the mayor, its beautiful architecture is still something to behold. Upon the arrival of the metahumans, City Hall became "Grand Central Station" for tons of calls, paperwork and registration papers. It has since become the the Renegades main base of operations. Long rumored to have secret underground passageways and bunkers for the mayor's personal protection, who knows what secrets remain entombed beneath the old central hub of Starlight City? 3 KNOWLEDGE & 5 MONEY

Twilight Hotel- Constructed almost overnight, the Twilight was the first hotel to offer accommodations for "special guests". The foremost experts in keeping the world at bay from their high end clientele, this was one of the most popular places for those who are different to get away. It now acts as the barracks for the Renegades. 3 MANPOWER

Vinnie's Bar- On the outskirts of town, Vinnie's is a great place to grab a drink and unwind. The bar is actually two floors- the first floor being the main one to the public eye. A long dark mahogany bar sits in front of every brand of beer and liquor you could want. The band plays everything from blues to indie to rock. The lower level is available only to certain patrons. 3 FOOD

The Excaliber- The music from the dance floor of the Ex can be heard for a square city block. Loud techno beats and party mixes rush out of the doors like a scream. Ravers and the "in crowd" frequent this hot spot and here the party never ends. 3 ELECTRICITY

Margo's Exports- Once a vibrant store, it has now become the center for computer repair in recent years. Considered the best 'local' vendor for electronics. 3 TECHNOLOGY