Hero Registration

In recent years, the populace of the county has grown a bit tired of all the new meta-humans emerging. Due to this, the president has signed a bill requiring all meta-humans to register, in-order to keep track of how many there are and see where they operate from.
Many villains disagree with this, and oppose it outright. Surprisingly though, there are a number of heroes that also oppose it, saying it would end up hurting or even ending their lives. Two sides to the issue soon formed.

If you favor the Meta-human Registration Bill, then you agree to give your real name, location of operation, and all personal information to the Government. This has a few advantages and draw backs.

  • Draw Backs- People can look up your actual identity (though it requires a bit of work), and can easily find you. If you have family, they may be at more of a risk. If you travel to another country, you will be expected to act in a reasonable manner, as you are a reflection of Heroes everywhere.
  • Advantages- Since you are following the law, people tend to accept you more. Some may impart special gifts or thank you more publicly for help. Also, if you happen to destroy public and/or private property, say while stopping a crime or something of that sort, then you are more likely to receive help in payment for fixing the damage you did from the government.

You do not have to be a hero to support the M.H.R. bill. Many villains support it because it advances their own personal agendas or because it is easier to deny a crime when you are known to cooperate with the government.

This is an easier choice for players new to MUDs or to the DC universe

NOTE: You can change your support, from the M.H.R. to the Resistance at anytime based on your actions in game.