Protect the People!

As a Hero you are expected to help and protect the people around you, be they other Heros or the citizens of the city. Just because you are expected to do it does not mean you have to. The Choice is yours.

Here are some basic ideas as to why your character has decided to become a Hero.

  • Upholding the good - You believe in the tradition moral code. You have compassion, truthfulness and have a resolute faith in society's laws. You will never overstep your boundaries of law and are relentless in stopping evil. Example: Superman
  • Responsibility of Power- You have received great power(s), and now you are compelled to fight for good. You know that citizens as well as some of your fellow heroes look up to as a role model and you try your best to follow the laws. There are times when you feel breaking the law would be a better outcome for the people, but you restrain due to the public eye. Example: Green Lantern
  • Seeking Justice- You have a single goal in mind- to bring the criminals of the world to justice. You will not hesitate to break laws as you go about achieving this goal. You are a firm believer in an eye for an eye, and will match violence with violence- to what extent is yours to decide. Example: Batman
  • Thrill of Adventure- You love taking chances, though sometimes you get in a little over your head. People often think that you are flippant and occasionally ridiculous. Yet, you would never desert a friend or run from a fight. Example:Changeling
  • Unwanted Power- You have gained power, though you wish to be rid of it. You are reluctant to use your powers, and sometimes out-right refuse to. You goal is to find a way to return to your former life, though "normal" is no longer accepts you. You are usually drawn to teams of other heros, forming close and powerful bonds with the members of the team. Example:Cyborg

NOTE: You can change from Hero to Villain at anytime based on your actions in game