Born of a Union Laborer and a young stay-at-home mother, Drake Wright lived a normal life. He was loved by both his parents, and taught right from wrong. The family had only a small apartment in the North Side Housing Projects- it wasn't much but it was home nonetheless. As his sixth birthday arrived, things were getting tough for young Drake. His father had taken part in the Union strike and his role was becoming increasingly violent. Police were constantly knocking at the door asking as to the whereabouts of Mrs. Wright's husband, and to request that he be reported if seen. Drake's mother was in constant fear for her husband's safety and the well being of their family. She had finally had enough after the tenth officer asked of her husband's whereabouts this week. She packed bags for herself and her son, and walked out the door. Months went by, scores of missed calls from officers, untold amounts of voice mails and calls at the former residence of the Wrights, but none of them were heard or returned because that was a past lifeā€¦

Drake's mother, Lindsi Watson struggled at any job she obtained, for she had always had it real easy. She never lifted a finger as a child, coming from a family of wealth will never teach you about a good days work. As all children do, she made a mistake but this mistake caused her to be disowned and expelled from her family, this mistake ultimately being Dwayne Wright. The two dated for about a four months before Lindisi became pregnant with Drake. Telling her father about the situation, who already did not approve of Dwayne, a low life who would never become anything, said if she did not take care of it then she would never be allowed back to the Watson Estate ever again. So the path was set, Dwayne got a job at the factory and Lindsi stayed at home pregnant. Lindsi, a beautiful woman with a sweet soul, could have whatever she wanted when she beckoned, and turn the head of even the gayest man. However, money was tight and her baby had to eat. Her love for her child being her only motive in life, she turned to prostitution.

A few years go by, still no word from Drake's father. Lindsi has many loyal "Johns" who become "Uncle" figures to young Drake. With no real establishment of what is right and wrong, Drake finds comfort in music and his friends. His friends being mostly petty crooks, small gang members and light druggies. He is falling in with the wrong crowd, and there is no helping him.

Then, as Drake turned 16, the unspeakable happened. Drake's mother became the target of a horrific and extremely violent crime. Due to the dangerous nature of her job, and her street name of "Fast-Lick Lindsi", these men had something especially horrible in store for her. A group of men, who did not like her pricing or degree of service, decided that they would get back at her. So, late one night, the door was smashed in- waking both Lindsi and Drake. Heading straight for Lindsi's room, the five men held her down, as one went into Drake's room, snatching him from his bed and tying him up. The man lugged Drake to his mother's room where he was forced to watch lewd and unspeakable things done to her. Finally, after the last man was finished, all eyes were directed at Drake. Terror shone in his eyes as he kept repeating, "It's just an illusion. Just an illusion." One of the men snickered and said, "It'll all be over soon, kid. Trust me, then it'll seem like nothing happened at all." As he laughed, the man reached into his coat and drew out a gun. Smiling as he put it to his mother's head, Drake cried out, "You bastards!" as the pin hit the hammer and his mother's tear filled eyes went dead. From that point on Drake had no soul.