The old heart of the city. As the city expanded the City Hall and other important government offices were relocated to a more central location. Once a seeming melting pot of the districts. Not only could you find government buildings, but also homes, industry, trade, as well as tourism. It has now become ground zero from the continual battle from the factions in the city, and is referred to as "No Man's Land" by the local citizens. The Watch have a base of operations here.

Point of Interest:

City Hall- This once was the heart of the local government. This tall, elegant building rests on a destroyed campus that was constructed specifically for the city government. The Watch can be found working here on a daily basis, and security of the building is quite heavy.

Crest Hall- Once referred to as the blue box by the criminals of the city, Crest Hall is the former home of the SCPD. Many people used come to this building on a daily basis to report crimes of the city, and it was always busy no matter the time of day but now stands empty. There is still holding area in the basement of the building, where unknown secrets await. 10 MANPOWER

Kings Row- Once a popular area of residence. Crumbling apartments pack the streets and skies as people try and continue life in this well known area. Crime has become very prevalent here, as many survivors call this area home. 10 MANPOWER

Preston Green Way- Once a city park located between Kings Row and the City Hall, this was the site of the Paragon Indecent. Now more a battle field than park, the war rages on endless here.10 KNOWLEDGE

Underground- A large access tunnel that leads to the sprawling underground tunnels that connects the city logistical systems. This acted as the main conduit for survivors to escape during the chaos. It is now infested with gangs that force tolls on anyone passing though.10 MONEY