A basic list of game lingo-

A power or skill
A special capability possessed by a hero/villain. Advantages are not measured in APs, the hero/villain either possesses the Advantage or he does not.
One of the nine basic characteristics possessed by every living thing in the game. In addition, many non-living objects possess one or more attributes. (also referred to as Stats)
Automatic Action
Any action which has no opposing (OV) or resistance (RV) values and dose not require a dice roll. Movement is a typical automatic action.
Automatic Power or Skill
A power or skill that functions as an automatic action during play (no dice roll is required).
Base Cost
The cost in Hero Points for acquiring 0 APs of a particular power or skill. A player must always pay the Base Cost of each of the character's powers of skills they take.
A special modification that increases a power or skill's effectiveness (example, the "usable on others" bonus allows a character to temporarily bestow the modified power or skill on another character).
Dice Action
An action preformed against Opposing (OV) and Resistance (RV) values and, as such, requiring a roll of the dice.
A special penalty suffered by a hero/villain which affects his effectiveness in play. Drawbacks are not measured in APs, a hero/villain either possesses the Drawback or he does not.
Factor Cost
A measure of the relative effectiveness of a power or skill. Factor Cost influences the number of Hero Points a player must spend to purchase APs of a power or skill during a character's creation or growth.
Game Master (GM)
A person who acts as the referee for the game. Also deals with new characters being created by the players.
Story Teller (ST)
A person who creates and leads the players though a Story line. Also awards Hero Points to players who are more active in the game.
Hero Points
a Numerical reflection of a character’s adventuring experience. Hero Points can be used to permanently obtain additional powers and skills to reflect a character's growth as a hero and/or to provide a character with temporary increase in attributes, powers, and/or skills during an adventure.
Knowledge Points
A scale for the amount of information you receive when using information-gathering powers and skills (such as Mind Probe or Detective).
A special modification which decreases a power or skill's effectiveness ( the Power Burnout limitation occasionally causes a modified power or skill to become inoperable for a time)
Link Attribute
Attribute from which a particular power or skill derives its potency. When creating a character, a play may choose to link a power or skill to its link attribute (like flight to DEX). The player then pays the base cost of the linked power and reduces its factor cost by two(2) to receive APs of the power equal to the character's AP in the link attribute. If a link attribute is increased or decreased, the APs of any linked powers or skills usually increase or decrease respectively.
The maximum distance (measured in APs) at which a power of skill is affective. "Normal" rand powers can function at a distance equal or the user's APs of the power. A range of "+3" indicates that a power can function at a distance of 3 APs greater than the user's APs of that power. A range of "Self" indicates that a character possessing the power or skill and only use it on himself, while the range of "touch" indicates that the character can use the power or skill on anyone he touches.