Dexterity represents a character's ability to preform task, such as driving, shooting, and hitting someone with a punch.

Level Benchmarks
1-2 The person can preform activities associated with daily living
3-4 The individual is equivalent to one who can shoot a weapon with moderate success.
5-6 The person is equivalent to individuals who are honed in fighting, such as an amateur boxer.
7-8 The individual can drive a car at high speeds in a city with moderate chance of crashing.
9-10 This person possesses the ability of a trained marksman.
11-12 The character is able to fight hand to hand with the worlds best fighters.
13-15 This level allows the character to drive any vehicle with moderate chance of crashing. (includes air and sea vehicles).
16-18 The person is capable of making shooting with the worlds best marksmen.
19- 21 This person can easily defeat the worlds best fights in a one on one fight.
22- 24 The character can drive vehicles with such skill, that crashing is not even considered.
25-27 This person can make shots that are deems "impossible" with moderate difficulty.
28-30 At this level a person can take out ten of the worlds best fighters single handed.