Alignment: Villian / Resistance


File Case 7745633 Aka Dervish

-Clip from questioning on 3/13/11-

AGENT: "So, care to tell me your name?"

DERVISH: "…Dervish"

AGENT: "No. Your real one."

DERVISH: "Dervish. It's all I remember. It's what 'They' called me."

AGENT: "I see. Ok, Mr. Dervish. Why did you kidnap Mrs. Grecen?"

DERVISH: "Kidnap? *gives out a chuckle* She came willing….they all do."

AGENT: "Her 18 broken bones, comatose state and your psych evaluation say otherwise."

DERVISH: "Mmk… almost all of them."

AGENT: "15 women by our count….. so far."

DERIVSH: "Maybe."

AGENT: "3 were found dead, another 2 are in comas still…"

DERVISH:"… Yeah? So what of it? I didn't kill them…"

AGENT: "You're a 'Meta', Mr. Dervish. You may have not physically harmed them, but we both know there's more than one way to do things."

DERVISH: "Oh no, you caught me. So now what? You gonna lock me up? Strap me in a straight jacket? Or am I gonna slip through the cracks…again." *Quiet laughter* "I know how it works. 'They' told me, I saw what 'They' did. I know the holes in the system."

AGENT: *coughing* "Go ahead and tell me about 'They'."

DERVISH: "They…they are what made me. But I can tell you know that. You're one of Them. I'm one of Them. They live everywhere, and nowhere. But I know you don't believe me. I can tell by the look on your face…you look at me like I'm crazy."

AGENT: "Sounds a bit paranoid, don't you think, Mr. Dervish?"

DERVISH: "All depends on where you been. Ever even seen the darker side of the world?"

AGENT: "I see people like you everyday. Super powered freaks who think they are above the law and better than the rest of us. Power Hungry."

DERVISH: "HA!HA!HA! Oh… the sheep are too busy hunting wolves in the forest to see the wolves hiding in sheepskin at home. Oh yes,
I'm terribly power hungry. Tell me…is this the face of someone who wants your burdens?"

-End of playback-