Strength (STR) represents a character's ability to lift weight and withstand duress

AP Benchmarks
1-2 A normal human who can lift 200 pounds above his head.
3-4 A person with exceptional human strength, equivalent to that of a professional weight lifter. Lifting range: 400-800 lbs. Heros with this: Anthro The Cave Boy, Jonah Hex, Amanda Waller, Wildcat
5-6 This is the level of maximum human strength. Lifting range: 900-1,600 lbs. Heros with this: Batman, Starfire, Hawkman, Creeper
7-8 This is super-human strength capable of bending a steel crowbar. Lifting range: 3-6 Tons. Heros with this: Aquaman, Nuklon, Firehawk
9-10 A person with strength of sufficient force to demolish a concrete barrier. Lifting range: 12-25 tons. Heros with this: Hourman, Metamorpho, Red Star
11-12 The power of the individual's strength can rupture a steel wall. Lifting range: 50-100 tons. Heros with this: Big Barda, Troia, Cyborg, Lead of the Metal Men
13-15 The individual can summon strength to crush titanium without real effort or throw a car a half mile (can be done at 15). Lifting range: 200-800 tons. Heros with this: Iron of the Metal Men, Mammoth
16-18 At this level of strength, most barriers, natural or man-made, cannot stop this individual, as he can easily demolish a fortified bunker. Lifting range: 1,600-6,400 tons. Heros with this: Specture, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Soloman Grundy, Grodd, Lobo
19-21 This Individual possesses strength equivalent to that of the giants of ancient legends. Lifting range: 12,800-51,200 tons. Heros with this: Kalibak, X'Hai, Captain Marvel
22-24 At this level the individual possesses god-like strength. Lifting range: 102,400-409,600 tons. Heros with this: Darkseid, Orion, Ares
25-27 Beings with strength in this range have Titan-level prowess. Lifting range: 810,200-3,276,800 tons. Heros with this: Superman, Heracles, Atlas
28-30 This is entity-level strength. Small ceiestial bodies are obliterated with the exercise of this level of strength. Lifting range: 6,553,600-12,107,200 tons. Heros with this: Monitor, Anit-Monitor, Trigon