Dexterity (DEX) represents a character's agility and nimbleness

AP Benchmarks
1-2 The person has normal agility and can preform activities associated with daily living
3-4 The individual has agility equivalent to one who practices athletic abilities beyond what is required for daily living such as: Police Officer, Firemen, Clowns, Stage Performers, Dancers
5-6 The person possesses agility equivalent to individuals who are well honed in athletic prowess such as: Gymnasts, Stunt Men, Circus Aerialist. Heros who have this: Animal Man, Cyborg
7-8 The individual is agile enough to be a medal-winning Olypic gymnast. Heros who have this: Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Starfire, Vandal Savage, Deadman
9-10 This person possesses the best agility humanly possible and could easily become a record-setting Gold Medal Olypic gymnast. Heros who have this: Batman, Bronze Tiger, Ra's Al Ghul, Kobra
11-12 This is a superhuman level of athletic prowess, where the individual can actually dodge high velocity projectiles such as arrows and bullets aimed directly at him or her with moderate effort. Heros with this: Elongated Man, Spectre, Mister Miracle, Amazo
13-15 This level of agility allows the dodging of laser fire and teh ability to sight and catch slower moving projectiles, such as arrows and bullets. Heros with this: Wonder Woman, Superman, Cheetah, Captain Marvel
16-18 The person is capable of athletic maneuvers that seem to defy the ability of the humanoid structure. His or her reactions are so swift laser fire appears in slow motion. Heros with this: Monitor, Anit-Monitor
19- 21 Reaction time and coordination are so attuned that the individual's thoughts and actions are simultaneous.
22- 24 The character's actions begin before the human brain can complete a thought. Heros with this: Flash (Jay Garrick)
25-27 A person with agility of this magnitude sees his surroundings, even energy, as motionless and can easily dodge multiple laser fire.
28-30 A level of agility where the indivual's reactions occur as if he was a clairvoyant.