DCU Info

Some helpful info

We do not allow profane language on the site or in the forum. We realize that some games, RPG in particular may have a more adult material. This should be disclosed by the person who is running the game before the game starts.

Any image uploaded to the site is subject to staff review, if it is deemed inappropriate, it will be removed.

The purpose of this site is to allow people who love table top games, but can not find people near them to play. We hope that everyone will get along and have fun.

We are currently using Google + hangouts. This does mean that a Google + account will be needed for some games. Not all games may require this, look for what is required in the game description.

Please keep in mind that while the staff is here to help you, we are human and will make mistakes from time to time. Please be patient with us as we work though these times.

If you are wanting to add a game to the list of games we keep, please e-mail the staff with the following:

1. Game Name

2. Any outside knowledge needed?

3. Any outside software needed?

4. Description of game

5. Best way to contact you