Below is the basic outline of how combat works and is run in the game. A ST can start using the Combat rules at any time he deems appropriate.


Combat is always played out in sequential "phases." One phase of combat lasts approximately 4 seconds, or 0 APs of time. During each phase of combat, each character will get a turn to do something.


When it is a character's turn in combat, he/she can perform up to two actions; but only one of these actions can be a dice action. A character could, for example, pick up an object (automatic action), and then throw the object at something (dice action); or move (automatic action), and summon the police via radio (automatic action). The two actions may be preformed in any order, the dice action does not have to come first or last, and the character does not have to perform both actions if the player so desires.
The one-line quips that so often punctuate comic book combat are free and do not take up any of the character's two allowed actions, but stopping to plan a strategy or to carry on a lengthy conversation with a friend does count as an automatic action. In fact, during any phase in which a character discusses strategy or carries on a lengthy conversation, he cannot perform a dice action.

Keeping Track of Position

During combat the ST will keep track of where combatants are in relation to the surroundings and to each other. Most players have a good idea of where they are, but if you are ever in doubt ask the ST.

Combat Sequence

Each combat phase consist of three separate steps. They are:

  1. Roll for initiative
  2. Declare actions (starting with highest initiative)
  3. perform actions (starting with highest initiative)

There are certain cases where a character may not get a turn. If this does happen to you, the ST will tell you why your character cannot act that phase