Character Sheet

This is a basic Character sheet that you can copy and paste to a word document to help you with the creation of your character.

If you use google documents, the staff keeps all character sheets on google docs. This is the easiest way to keep an up to date sheet between you and the staff.

POWER POINTS: (starting amount) POWER LEVEL: ( Starts at 1 )

NAME: (actual name of character)
HERO NAME:(name the world knows character by)

ALIGNMENT: (Order/Chaos)

ABILITIES: (put total number of hero points spent on your Stats here)

[Offensive Stats] <|> [Defensive Stats] <|> [Integrity Stats]

DEXTERITY:( Starts at 1 ) <|> AGILITY:( Starts at 1 ) <|> STAMINA:( Starts at 1 )
STRENGTH:( Starts at 1 ) <|> TOUGHNESS:( Starts at 1 ) <|> BODY:( Starts at 1 )
INTELLIGENCE:( Starts at 1 ) <|> WILL:( Starts at 1 ) <|> MIND:( Starts at 1 )
AURA:( Starts at 1 ) <|> INFLUENCE:( Starts at 1 ) <|> SPIRIT: (Starts at 1 )

INITIATIVE:(leave this blank)

POWERS:(put total number of hero points spent on your Powers here)

(List your powers and the Level you have in them here)

ADVANTAGES:(put total number of hero points spent on you Advantages here)

(List your advantages here)

COMPLICATIONS:(List your complications here, must have at least 2)

ITEMS:(put the total number of hero points spend on items here)

(List your items and its abilities and powers here)

BACK STORY: (Put your back story here, you MUST have a back story)