Character Creation

Our role play system is based on the Mutant and Masterminds second edition.There are a few house rules, but these mostly involve story based elements rather than changes to the system. Please keep in mind as you create that if your character does die, it is permanent. You are free to make as many characters as you want,

The best way to start a character is by determining the concept that you want your character to follow. Is it something completely unique or does it lean more towards the likeness of a hero we all know? This beginning concept will help you decide on what powers you are going to be looking for and what advantages and drawbacks may make your character just the way you want them. It also doesn't hurt to talk to staff members. Many times we may be able to help you iron out ideas you have and help you get those ideas in the game.

Once you have this basic concept in your mind you can start on your Character Sheet


Here is what is needed, in addition to the normal M&M character sheet.

  • Name: Both the actual name of your character and your character's alternate name
  • Alignment- This is chosen just to give the staff an initial idea of where you character stands. This will change depending on your characters actions.
  • Back Story: You will need to write some form of a back-story for your character, explaining his or her powers and how they came to obtain them.

Once you have completed your character sheet, you just have to get the staff to approve. Send you finished Character sheet to the staff at moc.liamg|ffats.prcd#moc.liamg|ffats.prcd. After this is done you are all set to start your adventure!

If you are in need of the book, we have a PDF of it that you can use.