Aura Represents a character's ability to intercede with his/her personality to affect the actions of others and also indicates his/her level of magical power.

Level Benchmarks
1-2 This individual can leave a basic impression on someone.
3-4 This individual possesses an Aura equivalent to that of a very amiable person, such as an actor or a priest.
5-6 This individual has the presence strong enough to change the emotional status of an auditorium-sized crowd of people from dead calm to an electrified frenzy.
7-8 This individual has the mystique capable of affecting the opinions of people across the city.
9-10 The individual can alter the opinions of various citizens across the city and is capable of generating a cult following within a region of the city.
11-12 This individual is capable of generating myths and legends that last for several years.
13-15 This personality can gain respect of notable figures, such as the police chief or the mayor of the city, and sway the opinions of most of the city.
16-18 The individual can reason with and possible alter strong personalities, such as those of presidents and dictators.
19-21 When it comes to strength of personality, this individual can reason with Angles and Demons
22-24 This individual's Aura is powerful enough to make his or her words seem like law across a region.
25-27 This personality is powerful enough to capture the attention of the entire city, people will stop whatever they are doing when you speak.
28-30 The individual's presence stretches beyond the confines of the Nation. Other nations will know your name and will listen to what you have to say.