Attributes ( or stats) are natural abilities that every character in the game world possesses. There are nine terms that refer to the Abilities of your character. These are his/her attributes. The other three terms refer to the ways the nine attributes are grouped. This may seem like a lot, but we will give a few examples here to help.

Attributes are measured in APs, and are grouped into three different areas of human characteristics: Physical, Mental, and Mystical. These attributes are:

Physical Dexterity, Strength, Body
Mental Intelligence, Will, Mind
Mystical Influence, Aura, Spirit

Each Attribute has a specific meaning that is discussed below, abbreviations for each attribute are in parentheses following the attribute.

Physical Attributes

Dexterity (DEX)- is your character's skill in using his hands and body, the degree of control he has over his physical self, or his ability to defect a physical attack.

Strength (STR)- is your character's power, the amount of physical force he can bring to bear on an object.

Body (BODY)- is more than just your character's physical self. It is his resistance to physical damage. When he sustains damage form a physical attack (like a punch), the number representing his APs of BODY is lowered. This lowered number, however, is only your character's current BODY condition; his BODY attribute always remains constant when defending against an opponent.
When the damage given to a character's BODY brings his current BODY condition to 0 (zero), he will become unconscious.

Mental Attributes

Intelligence (INT)- is a measure of how easily your character grasps ideas, the degree of control he has over mental energy, and his ability to manipulate information.

Will (WILL)- is your character's mental power, the amount of mental energy and strength he has naturally.

Mind (MIND)- is your character's resistance to mental damage in the form of mental attacks like Mind Probe. When a character sustains mental damage, his current MIND condition is lowered. This is similar to the way BODY works. If you current MIND condition drops to 0 (zero) APs, you become unconscious.

Mystical Attributes

Influence (INFL)- is the force of a character's personality, his ability to affect the emotions and responses of others, and his mystical potential.

Aura (AURA)- is the effectiveness of your character's personality, his ease at controlling a group, and his mystical strength.

Spirit (SPIRIT)- is your character's ability to resist fear, his control of emotion, and his resistance to Mystical Damage. If there is enough damage to lower his current SPIRIT condition to 0 (zero), he will become unconscious.