Attribute Points

Attribute Points are the basic form of measurement in the game. Everything, including time, distance, and volume, is measured in Attribute Points. Attribute Points are abbreviated APs. You should remember this abbreviation; its used a lot.

Since APs measure everything in the game, it is easy to transfer these points from one form of measurement to another. For Instance, to find how much a character can lift, find his APs of strength. This is the number of APs of weight he can lift without strain.

APs are also used to measure how effective a character's actions are. So in combat, APs are used to find how much damage a character inflicts or sustains. In a race, APs are used to find out how fast a character runs. APs can even measure knowledge, with one AP equal the amount of info you find in a magazine, and so on.

These amounts of damage, speed, information, or volume are related to real world units like pounds, feet, and seconds. There is a base value for each type of measurement called Effect Units. These are as follows:

Measurement Effect Units
Weight 50 Pounds
Distance 10 Feet
Time 4 seconds
Information 1 Paragraph

These Effect Units are each equal to 0 APs. In the game, even 0 has a measurable value. Zero (0) APs of time, or 4 seconds, is referred to as a phase, a term often used during combat. Each additional AP of measurement is worth twice as much as the AP before it. Therefore, a Character with a strength of 6 is twice as strong as a character with a strength of 5.