The artist skill has seven sub skills: Actor, Dancer, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, and Writer, each of which has the potential to please an audience. A hostile group does not constitute an audience; these sub skills will only impress willing and interested viewers.

Link: INFL
Range: Self
Type: Dice
Base Cost:5
Factor Cost:8

When a character uses artist to perform or produce a work, OV/RV are at 4/4 unless preformed or produced for a specific person, in which case that person's INFL/SPIRIT acts as OV/RV. If the person possesses the artist skill, the APs of the artist will act as OV/RV to the attempt. Multi-attack penalties for artist attempts are not applicable. RAPs on an artist attempt indicate the following effects:

1-2 The performance or work is accepted
3-5 The performance of work is well received
6-9 The artist receives critical acclaim (equal to a standing ovation if it is a performance)
10+ The artist gives an immortal performance or creates a masterpiece which the audience will never forget.

An audience that likes a character’s performance or work will be friendly toward the artist. Utilizing artist in this fashion during combat will be ineffectual.

No unskilled use of this skill