Agility is a measure of how well you can stay on your feet or dodge incoming attacks.

Level Benchmarks
1-2 The person can preform activities associated with daily living
3-4 The individual is equivalent to one who practices athletic abilities beyond what is required for daily living such as: Police Officer, Firemen, Clowns, Stage Performers, Dancers
5-6 The person is equivalent to individuals who are well honed in athletic prowess such as: Gymnasts, Stunt Men, Circus Aerialist.
7-8 The individual is a medal-winning Olypic gymnast.
9-10 This person possesses the best agility humanly possible and could easily become a record-setting Gold Medal Olypic gymnast.
11-12 This is a superhuman level of prowess, where the individual can attempt to dodge projectiles such as arrows and bullets aimed directly at him or her with extreme effort.
13-15 This level allows the dodging of most hand to hand attacks from normal humans with moderate effort.
16-18 The person is capable of extreme feats and can dodge projectiles with moderate effort.
19- 21 This person can easily dodge incoming hand to hand attacks.
22- 24 The character can dodge incoming projectile fire with out much effort, and can even attempt to catch the projectiles.
25-27 Reaction time and coordination are so attuned that the individual's thoughts and actions are simultaneous.
28-30 At this level a character can attempt to dodge laser fire, though it is difficult to do.